Our Mission

Heilsa is determined to keep on being the leader in providing Icelanders high quality health and wellness products. We see the future as an opportunity to learn and grow and be open to new opportunities.

Key Employees & Contacts

CEO: Sigríður Margrét Oddsdóttir

Operations: Gunnþór Guðjónsson

Sales director: Bára Einarsdóttir
Email: baraein@heilsa.is

For business enquiries please contact:  heilsa[@]heilsa.is

Company History

Heilsa was founded in 1973 by Örn Svavarsson. At that time Örn was the first man in Iceland to introduce health products to Icelanders. He started his company with a shipment from Bioforce in Switzerland and since then Heilsa has grown and prospered. Along with the wholesale Heilsa Örn also opened health stores under the name Heilsuhúsið. Some years later Örn introduced his own line of vitamins which is known as Guli Miðinn (Yellow label). This productline has been on the market for 30 years; it is very well known among Icelanders and can be seen in most households. In 2005 Örn sold Heilsa to Lyfja which is one of the leading pharmacy chains in Iceland. The wholesale Heilsa has been run as separate company. Heilsa focuses now on manufacturing, importing and distribution and has grown from a small business of a couple of employees to a thriving company with around twenty employees.

Heilsa is one of the big wholesalers of health products in Iceland, serving a wide range of customers with different needs. Currently we have around seventy suppliers around the globe, and our product range reflects our commitment to serve our clients with high quality products.

In the past few years Heilsa has acquired several companies to expand its portfolio. The largest acquisition was in November 2015 when Heilsa bought a cosmetics wholesaler carrying a few strong and well known cosmetic brands. With that purchase Heilsa diversified the portfolio and expanded the distribution to beauty salons and department stores.

What We Do

We import organic and healthy food and products to enhance the wellbeing of customers, and a variety of cosmetics lines. We have supply contracts with nearly all the largest grocery stores in Iceland and all pharmacies around the country. Our distribution system covers the whole country, enabling us to reach all our clients in Iceland where our products can be found in almost every town and village. Heilsa is very active in promoting its products in various newspapers and other media which is often done in cooperation with the supplier. Heilsa values the relationship and good cooperation with its suppliers.